Finally Back !!!

2014-08-02 21:24:13 by toshema

I 'm sorry I've been gone from this site for soooooooooooooo long. But I plan to post offen from now on. I can't really say there was one reason for my absentance from this site... so whatever. But I hope you guys will enjoy my new stuff :) !!

Plus, it will be col, if someone can fill me in on what I've might have missed and what's has changed. thats of course of course if you want to :) !


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2014-10-16 04:33:44

Heya! You've lots of really playful and expressive works in your gallery, cool stuff!
I notice you're studying at CCS, what's that like? Hard work maybe? I can definitely see a stark progression in your works over time so it must be helping!

If you're ever looking for more feedback, and an all-round friendly art community, the art forum here would love to have you!